• Why Social Media Marketing Helps Your SEO

    Why Social Media Marketing Helps Your SEO

    Social media. SEO.

    Many people think of these two huge aspects of our digital marketing ecosystem as opposites, maybe even imagining that the two behemoths are somehow in conflict with another, in a Batman Vs. Superman kind of situation.

    Well, those who do so are forgetting one huge part of Batman Vs. Superman: At the risk of being too spoilery, the two superheroes work together for, like, a third of the movie! SEO and social media are the same way - two separate, powerful entities that also work well in tandem, making each other stronger.

    Here are two huge ways that social media marketing tactics can help support and bolster your SEO efforts:

    Off-Page SEO

  • Why You Should Never, Ever Buy an Email List

    Why You Should Never, Ever Buy an Email List (Source: Pixabay CC)

    There's a trope in high school comedies where some poor schmuck has no other choice but to pay someone to be his date to prom.

    When you buy an email list, you're that poor schmuck. 

    Purchasing an email list, instead of producing engaging content that audiences want to follow, is not exactly cheating, but it is ineffective and a poor use of resources. So, put down that debit card and exit that tempting tab of "easy" leads. Check out these reasons why those lists are bad news:

    1.Your Reputation Precedes You

    The email lists that are up for sale are often as old as the hills and chock-full of fake email addresses. Instead of building your leads, you'll build one heck of a bounce rate. 

    These lists are also known to produce big loads of spam, which can not only turn into big loads of complaints from customers and blocked sendings, while also putting you in violation of CAN-SPAM laws. All of these negatively impact your email and IP reputation, and they can also disrupt your future deliverability (e.g. your current customers won't get your emails!) That's no way to grow a business!

  • Will Net Neutrality Changes Impact My Business's Digital Marketing?

    Will Net Neutrality Changes Impact My Business's Digital Marketing?

    If you’ve been following the news at all lately, you might have heard the phrase “net neutrality” come up a few times.

    There is currently a political battle unfolding around the concept: Comedian John Oliver has devoted a few recent segments to net neutrality, and a few major internet power players, including Netflix, have come out swinging on its behalf. All of this action is because of some recent steps taken by Congress and the FCC, which has begun to dismantle some of the foundations of net neutrality established during the Obama administration.

    But what exactly is net neutrality, and what does it mean for your digital marketing efforts? Let’s take a look:

    Understanding Net Neutrality and Non-Neutrality

  • Write a Compelling Blog Title Every Time

    Write a Compelling Blog Title Every TimeA great blog article deserves a great blog title to go along with it - and that title can make all the difference between getting your target readers to your page or not.

    So, what's the formula for creating a great blog title? Steamfeed has some great ideas sure to pump up your own blog titles with a little more pizazz.

    Create a "Swipe File" for Your Ideas and Inspiration

    Think of a "swipe file" as your digital brainstorming hub (or, you know, something like a Pinterest board for blog titles).  As you go about your daily web browsing, keep an eye out for particularly catchy blog titles - and add those to your swipe file.

    You can create this file on any platform that works best for you - Word, Google Drive (Docs), Evernote, or another simple and clean document storing device.

    Revisit your swipe file on a rainy day when you're just not sure what your blog title should be.

    Generate Your Own Title With These Rules in Mind

    Now that you've got your creative flow going strong, its time to generate a title. Try and stick to these basic guidelines:

  • Write for Humans, and the Search Engines Will Follow

    Write for Humans, and the Search Engines Will Follow

    We’ve all been around the internet looking for information only to stumble upon a post that looks a little bit like this:

    Game of Thrones Tweet

    That all-too-real example comes from a writer who was most likely trying to game Google’s algorithm with keyword stuffing, the practice of inflating an article with attractive keywords to bolster search ranking – without actually creating value. Not only is this a “black hat” SEO tactic that will do more harm than good in the long run, but it also makes the post hilariously unreadable to actual human beings.

    But it’s 2016. Search algorithms have gotten more sophisticated, just like the people they’ve been designed to serve. And the simple reality is that SEO is not all about keywording anymore.

  • You're Getting Clicks, But Not Leads With Facebook Ads? Here's What to Do

    You're Getting Clicks, But Not Lead With Facebook Ads? Here's What to Do

    There’s a reason that paid social media advertising is a top priority for brands in 2017 and 2018; as our own results have shown repeatedly, launching a paid campaign with one or more social ads platforms can lead to instant results in terms of increasing traffic, generating conversions, and even improving a brand’s following on social media.

    In particular, Facebook Ads has led to remarkable results for our clients; there’s a reason that Facebook’s advertising platform has been recognized as one of the digital marketing tools with the highest rates of ROI, often besting even paid search engine marketing (SEM) in terms of impact for the cost.

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