App of the Week - Bouncer

Not sure how to increase the data security and battery life of your phone? Bouncer, a new Android app, might have the solution.

Bouncer helps to limit your shared location permissions on your phone by using an accessibility service that “activates when you grant a permission and gives you the option to remove it.”

The app basically lets you customize permissions for each individual app on your phone and gives each permission the go-ahead only while you’re in the app. Once you exit out of the app, Bouncer will immediately delete the permissions you’ve granted.

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How to Use Social Media and Content Marketing to Build Your Brand Authenticity

In an age of fake news and clickbait content, authenticity for your brand on social media is is more important than ever. It may sound like a no-brainer, but there are missteps you can take that can turn consumers off, and stop your next customers from choosing to engage with you online.

But what does brand authenticity even mean when it comes to business?

Defined by the Journal of Consumer Psychology, brand authenticity refers to:

“the extent to which consumers perceive a brand to be faithful toward itself, true to its consumers, motivated by caring and responsibility, and able to support consumers in being true to themselves.”

The meaning is right there in the name: if your content marketing and social media efforts remain authentic, people will recognize you. The more they recognize you, the more likely they’ll be to engage with you. The more they engage, the more likely they’ll be to recommend you to friends and followers. We could keep going!

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#SelfCare: How to Detox From Social Media Like the Pros

#SelfCare: How to Detox From Social Media Like the Pros

The average person will spend more than five years of their life on social media, and most users spend roughly two hours every day on some social platform or another. Social media accounts for as much as 30% of total time spent online, and up to 80% of social media usage takes place on mobile devices – meaning that, in many cases, we literally can’t get away from that next tweetstorm or Instagram notification.

Two hours a day is a huge chunk of time to be spent doing anything – let alone using services with known links to negative health effects, ranging from increased feelings of loneliness to sleep deprivation. For many, social media is a stressor, and it can be a trigger for anxiety and frustration – yet it can be hard to connect with friends and family without it.

And for many, social media isn’t just a habit, but a cornerstone of their daily life. That’s particularly true for people in our chosen field; working as we do in digital marketing, we’re even more plugged in than the average user, and large portions of our day are spent checking in on social media analytics, monitoring posts and comments, scrolling through feeds on Buffer, SocialPilot, or Hootsuite, and creating content for Twitter and Facebook.

What this means is that we sometimes have to check in and set hard limits on our social media usage – for the sake of our own mental and physical health. Looking for some help getting started with a digital detox plan? Just want to be more mindful when it comes to your social media consumption?

Here are a few strategies that we’ve found can be quite helpful, whether you’re just taking a temporary breather from social media or trying to set more productive habits for your future:

1.) Set Technology-Free Windows of Time

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Digital Marketing for Real Estate, Architecture, and Interior Design

In the fields of real estate, architecture, and interior design, appearances and aesthetics play a big part in the final product. Whether it's an entire building or just one room, you only get one chance to make a lasting first impression.

The same goes for digital marketing!

Putting a digital marketing strategy in place is one way to enhance and share the appearance of yourself or your firm in the minds of your next clients.

By producing content that speaks to specific audiences, bringing in visual media that represents the unique view of your firm, and building an engaging website, real estate agents, architects, and interior designers can use digital marketing to secure leads and demonstrate their professional finesse.

Ready to build your brand’s digital home – and reach your next batch of paying clients? Here’s what home professionals need to know:

1.) Handcraft a Dynamic Website

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How to Create a More Consistent Content Strategy

“Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” – Thomas Edison

Widely regarded as the father of modern electricity, Thomas Edison was a relentlessly prolific inventor, and is considered to be one of the most important engineers in American history. So it’s a little bit reassuring to read that such a significant figure sometimes struggled with his productivity and creative output.

We know how it feels to be burnt out, tired, or otherwise unproductive – and we’re willing to bet that you sometimes feel the same way. Like there aren’t enough hours in the day? That no matter how much you accomplish, you’ll never actually manage to polish off your “to-do” list?

Whenever feelings like these creep up, it can be easy to retreat from what needs to be done, and instead fall back on that old, reliable stand-by – procrastination.

“Why force it, if the creative juices just aren’t flowing?” you ask.

“Isn’t it better to wait,” you may well reason, “until I feel that big, creative second wind?”

These feelings are completely natural. But when it comes to your content marketing efforts, they could be dangerous.

The Importance of a Consistent Content Marketing Strategy

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Gadget of the Week - Jaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones

Gadget of the Week, Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds, Geek Chicago

A good pair of headphones is hard to come by - especially a set fit for exercising. If you’ve tried and tried to find your perfect workout headphones, the Jaybird RUN True Wireless in-ear headphones might be the ones you’ve been searching for.

According to Jaybird’s website, the RUN headphones “feature a lightweight, water-resistant design for passionate runners in pursuit of their limits.”

No matter the workout, whether a morning jog or an intense cardio routine, the wireless headphones are resistant to sweat and dirt. The headphones also come with changeable fins and tips to best fit the size and shape of your ear.

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App of the Week - Spoilers Blocker

Spoilers Blocker App


Behind on Game of Thrones? Didn’t have time to catch the new Star Wars in theaters yet? We get you. And we get how tough it can be to go online, knowing that you’re not fully up to date on the latest in pop culture.

One of the most worst moments you can have when reading through a seemingly harmless article is when an unwanted detail about your favorite movie or tv show spoils the big twist or the amazing ending. But of course, there are a few apps on the market that can help you to try to avoid this all-too-common frustration.

One such app is Spoilers Blocker, a game changer that promises to help to “stop spoilers in social media apps.” 

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Gadget of the Week - Logitech Keys-to-Go

Gadget of the Week, Logitech Keys-To-Go, Geek Chicago

Tablet, iPad, and smartphone users, this one’s for you! No longer will you be held back by a tethered cord or a lack of color choice for your on-the-go keyboard.

The Logitech Keys-to-Go standalone Bluetooth keyboard is a stylish and forward-thinking gadget that’s definitely worth getting excited about. Thanks to its great design and impressive specs, this may just be one of the best portable Bluetooth keyboards on the market.

While the keyboard is light and compact at only a quarter-inch thick and 9.5 inches long, Logitech promises a feel familiar to your everyday keyboard experiences with “great tactile feedback and perfect bounce every time you press a key—all with impressively fast and accurate results.”

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App of the Week - Spotify Wear OS

App of the Week, Spotify Wear OS

Want killer tunes wherever you go? Why not bring them on your wrist?!

For all you Android smartwatch users out there, Spotify is releasing a new and improved Wear OS app for you to listen to your favorite songs and artists in easier ways than before.

Here’s how Spotify’s senior product developer Mikael Ericsson describes it on the Spotify blog:

“We’re excited to bring improved on-the-go-access to your favorite music and podcasts to millions of Spotify users on Wear OS by Google smartwatches… Being able to easily access, control, and connect music directly from your wrist opens up a world of new opportunities.”

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How to Elevate Your Digital Marketing for the Holidays

How to Elevate Your Digital Marketing for the Holidays (Source: - used as royalty free image)

Who doesn’t love a good holiday? Whether it’s Christmas, Chanukah, Halloween, Independence Day, or even National Popsicle Day, there’s a celebration for every taste.

And for brands like yours, the holidays aren’t just a time to get together with friends and family, but a chance to drive in traffic and make some serious sales.

The best way to put holidays to work for your brand? Refresh and refocus your digital marketing! Here are four ways to elevate your digital marketing efforts around the holidays:

1.) Start Your Campaign Early

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Jason Finn

Founder & Chief Geek

Jason has nearly 20 years of consulting experience, predominantly in the technology space. Most recently he was the COO and Director of Technology for Rich Casto & Company, a national training and consulting organization in the real estate industry.
As a consultant for IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, and Envision Consulting Group (now IMS Health), Jason has served clients of all sizes, including Big Pharma, Fortune 500, and Global 1000 companies:

  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • AOL (America Online)
  • Astellas Pharmaceuticals
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • Ford Motor Credit
  • Wockhardt USA (formerly Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals)
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Alex specializes in content generation and social media promotion for Geek | Chicago clients, helping to solidify their presence in the online community. This includes blog writing, graphic design, co-ordination and design of weekly newsletters, and active engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Outside of Geek, Alex is a classically-trained soprano who professionally performs around the city of Chicago (most recently with the Chicago Baroque Band, and with the Rolling Stones for their "50 and Counting" tour).