Reputation Management for Nonprofits and Charities

There’s an old saying that says, in essence,

“Do good and good will come back to you.”

When it comes to digital marketing for nonprofits, charities, and NGOs, we think that “doing good” should be a guiding ethos.

Whether you’re providing food or shelter to communities in need, raising funds after a disaster, or campaigning for a more just and equitable society, you’re out there changing the world for the better – and your good works deserve to be recognized and amplified.

And, after all, the more you put your messaging out there, the better the chance that you’ll be able to recruit new volunteers, gather more donations, and further extend your reach.

As we’ve discussed before, digital marketing is one of the single most effective ways that you can help spread the word about your organization – and one of the most crucial elements of successful digital marketing for nonprofits and charities is online reputation management.

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10 Essential Elements of Brand Storytelling

10 Essential Elements of Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling existed long before the rise of social PR. Even in the earliest days of marketing, branding was as much about telling stories and creating a connection with your audience as it was about the hard sell.

But since the rise of social media and modern SEO, brand storytelling has changed: Now, it’s all about connecting your audience with one another. It’s about being real and accessible, rather than bragging. It’s about using all of the new media opportunities at your disposal to show, rather than tell.

In short, crafting a compelling narrative around your company is essential for drawing in new readers online and helping to turn them into loyal users. But how do you get started?

Thanks to marketing guru Pam Moore’s “Social Zoom Factor” podcast, here are ten of the essential elements to shaping your brand story:

1.) Be You, Be True

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Six Web Development Tips for Restaurants and Bars

Five Web Development Tips for Restaurants and Bars (Source: - used as royalty free image)

Your craft cocktails may be the best in town. Your prime rib may be the most succulent around. Your servers may be the most efficient in the city. But does your website meet the same high standards you set for your restaurant?

A responsive, visually engaging website is incredibly important for your restaurant’s bottom line – especially when you keep in mind that 75% of consumers base their decision to dine at a restaurant around their online search results.

Ready to get started redesigning your restaurant’s website? Here are five web development tricks everyone in the service industry needs to know:

1.) Use Eye-Catching Visuals

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Gadget of the Week - PowerUp 3.0 Smart Paper Plane Kit

Gadget of the Week, PowerUp 3.0 Smart Paper Plane Kit

One of everyone’s favorite childhood pastimes has been given a tech-focused makeover. Paper airplanes have always been exciting; now, the PowerUp 3.0 Remote Controlled Paper Airplane Kit is taking them to new heights.

The PowerUp 3.0’s official site promises that the gadget’s

“...crash proof design makes it an easier and more enjoyable option to traditional, bulky and battery intensive remote control helicopters and planes.”

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App of the Week - Notion

These days, the name of the virtual workspace game is flexibility. One app is taking this concept to a whole new level by filling in some of the biggest gaps left by some of its predecessors.

If you’re someone whose work has to be accessible on the go, it’s time to meet Notion.

According to the app’s website, Notion aims to be “the all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.”

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Gadget of the Week - eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

eTape Digital Tape Measure

Tape measures are incredibly useful tools - but they can also be clunky and cumbersome. Well, now they’re getting more than just a facelift, thanks to the 
eTape16 Digital Tape Measure. This new gadget aims to finally bring a ubiquitous tool into the 21st century.

As the eTape’s website explains:

“The tape measure has remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years, until now. The eTape16 Digital Tape Measure revolutionizes not only the tape measure but also expands its utility as never before envisioned.”

Why go digital? Well, how about the fact that it’ss simpler, reliable, and accurate? The eTape is easy to use; all functions are designed around the device’s side, which features a button wheel. The reliability comes from the polycarbonate plastic that makes up the device’s sturdy shell.

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Gadget of the Week - PowerWave 7.5 Stand Charger

As many of us (unfortunately) understand from years of smartphone use, all phone chargers are not created equally. Thanks to charging technology company Anker, there’s finally one on the market that has the potential to make up for all that may have disappointed us in the past.

The PowerWave 7.5 Stand is a fast wireless charging option that has made us Geek-out, for a number of reasons. The charger features a sleek look, horizontal and vertical charging capabilities, and an internal cooling fan to make sure your phone charges quickly, without overheating.

If you’re an iPhone user, the PowerWave delivers up to 7.5W; Samsung users will receive 10W.  

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App of the Week - HoursTracker


By the end of a busy workday, it’s easy to feel so tired that you forget to some of the most simple yet important tasks, such as logging your work hours for the day. If you’re the type of person who prefers to focus on actual work when you’re sitting at your desk, and not meticulously counting every moment, HoursTracker could be your new favorite app.

The app allows you to track and export your hours at one or more of your jobs, taking the pressure off of you to remember each day.

You’ll be able to choose whether you manually clock in and out through the app, or, let the app do the work for you automatically by enabling your phone’s location and utilizing its geofencing capabilities.

If you have multiple jobs, HoursTracker gives you the ability to generate categories for each one, as well as various tags to distinguish between them. These flexibility and customization capabilities help set the app apart from similar entries in the increasingly crowded field of time management apps.

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Why Content Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

What do we mean when we talk about “content marketing?”

And we don’t mean that as a Philosophy 201 question, or anything like that.

No, we mean it literally: In practical terms, what is content marketing, and what does it do for small businesses like yours?

Content Marketing: A Brief Rundown of a Vital Digital Marketing Strategy

To the first part? We tend to define content marketing as a digital marketing strategy that lets you create and share multimedia content online, in order to reach audiences organically, and generate interest – and conversions – for your brand.

Content marketing can also be thought of as inbound marketing – it’s all about sharing content that gets new audiences to come to you, rather than requiring you to compete and struggle for their limited attention. 

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Reputation Management for Financial Professionals

Sourced from Pixabay

Money matters – as do the professionals who help consumers and businesses develop strategies to plan, invest, save, and spend that money.  

And while financial matters have always made the world go around, the ways in which people talk about, think about, and access their finances and portfolios have always adapted and shifted with the times.

Today? Well, if you’re a financial professional, your next client is spending his or her time on the internet; consider, for instance, that 69 million Americans conduct their banking online, and more than half of all Americans pay at least one bill online per month.

For planners, brokers, strategists, advisors, and service providers in the financial sector, it’s more important than ever that you’re able to keep in contact with this digital, plugged-in audience – so that new and existing clients can always be ready to find you when the time comes.

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Jason Finn

Founder & Chief Geek

Jason has nearly 20 years of consulting experience, predominantly in the technology space. Most recently he was the COO and Director of Technology for Rich Casto & Company, a national training and consulting organization in the real estate industry.
As a consultant for IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, and Envision Consulting Group (now IMS Health), Jason has served clients of all sizes, including Big Pharma, Fortune 500, and Global 1000 companies:

  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • AOL (America Online)
  • Astellas Pharmaceuticals
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • Ford Motor Credit
  • Wockhardt USA (formerly Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals)
  • Norwich Union
  • PNC Bank
  • Reynolds and Reynolds

Sarunas Budrikas

Creative Director

Sarunas is a web design and development expert with hundreds of successful projects in his portfolio. He is passionate about delivering extraordinary user experiences for every client and consistently goes above and beyond everyone’s expectations. As an SEO expert and strategist, he can optimize your website, or app, to get the most out of it, day in and day out. Sarunas holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Kaunas Technology University, in Lithuania. Sarunas now lives in Chicago, and calls it home.

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Client Experience Specialist

Alex specializes in content generation and social media promotion for Geek | Chicago clients, helping to solidify their presence in the online community. This includes blog writing, graphic design, co-ordination and design of weekly newsletters, and active engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Outside of Geek, Alex is a classically-trained soprano who professionally performs around the city of Chicago (most recently with the Chicago Baroque Band, and with the Rolling Stones for their "50 and Counting" tour).