Have A Question for a Nearby Store? Text them with TalkTo

Have A Question for a Nearby Store? Text them with TalkTo

Want to run by Whole Foods, but first want to know what their soup selection is?

Not sure if Home Depot carries an unfinished mirror?

Want to know how much scarves are going for at Old Navy?

Message TalkTo - probably one of the coolest apps that millions of stores across the US and Canada have now jumped on to.  Have a question for your local business?  No need to call up the store, simply text the store through TalkTo's app whenever you have a moment and you'll get answer directly from the app!

It works in the background so you can get your answer in the most convenient way possible - text, email, chat, or by phone.  This is incredibly convenient when you're somewhere a phone call is impractical or not an option (movie theater, loud restaurant or bar, etc.)

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Free Cellphone Plan from FreedomPop

FreedomPop Free Cell Phone Service

The "freemium" cellphone service plan from FreedomPop has a lot of phone owners intrigued, and rightfully so.

The FreedomPop "free plan" was introduced about a month ago and includes:

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Lookout for Business - Secure Your Employee's Mobile Devices

Want to Ensure Your Mobile Security? Try LookoutWe're no stranger to the benefits that security company Lookout provides. Earlier this fall, as we were excited to find, Lookout released a mobile security suite specifically designed for businesses.

Do your employees use their own phone or tablet for business? Your data is at risk.

Here's how to protect it.

Lookout for Business especially helps Protect "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) Businesses

With a vast array of mobile devices coming into work spaces and accessing work information on them, IT departments have seen the necessity of finding a way to secure and protect sensitive information within the company, no matter the device.

The new Lookout for Business suite protects a broad range of devices (as well as both personal and company owned phones and tablets) from malicious links, malware, and suspicious apps.

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How to Have Access to All Your Files, No Matter Where You Are

Have Access to All Your Files, No Matter Where You AreIt's 3:30 on a Friday afternoon, and you've somehow managed to escape the office early to start your much needed weekend. You dash home, make some hot chocolate, slip into your PJs, and get set to catch up on The Walking Dead (or, you know, Glee or something... we don't judge).

All is well until that inevitable work call from your boss.

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Welcoming the New Android 4.4 with Many New Features

Android 4.4 KitKat UpdateWe're Geeks, so of course we're exited to be taking a look at the new Android OS (vs. 4.4) affectionately known as "KitKat". Here are the updates you can expect.

Superior Memory Management

The new Android has been optimized for phones with lower memory capacities (512 MB of RAM memory). How? Mainly through internal code optimizations, but additionally Android is now offering optimization tools for app developers.

The update also better protects the memory that is occupied by vital spaces, and has a sequential service loading procedure

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The 5 Best Extensions for your Web Browser

Most people use apps to augment their cell phones. Google maps. Lyft. Words with friends.

Web browser extensions are similar - they're designed to make your online life a little easier. Here are our top 5 favorite browser extensions.

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How to Schedule Meetings Like a Pro Using Boomerang

Have you heard of Boomerang?

No, not the Australian aerofoil - the calendar scheduling tool! (But we find it just as fun.)

Boomerang is a smart gmail-based calendar tool designed for scheduling meetings between multiple people with multiple different schedules. It reduces the complicated "well, when are you free?" conversations to a simple 1-click response.

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The Webinar Tool that Beats WebEx and GoToMeeting

We at Geek are no stranger to the glorious "Webinar" - a web seminar, an online meeting, an online training... almost always involving screen and audio sharing from one computer to many (or just a few.)  But which web-based meeting tool works best?

I've [Jason] used GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar for years to host online meetings and training sessions.  I've been a participant on WebEx meetings (by Cisco) as well.  Both are suitable.  Neither is fun.  Neither is exciting.  Both are inferior to the tool I'm singing about today.

Both of these tools require attendees to download a piece of software to their computer - a task that is simple for some, but a technical challenge for others.  If a few weeks pass between online sessions, the download process must be repeated, as the client software has undoubtedly undergone some updates.  WebEx has a really limited free plan, and then you start paying.  GoTo... has a free trial, but after that plans start at $49/month - and GoToMeetings and GoToWebinars are two different products, and two different monthly bills.

So, what's our answer? 

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Clean Up Your Inbox Fast with

Most of us get obscene amounts of e-mails a day.  Ones we want - from salutations from friends and family, to the resume you forwarded to yourself from your old computer; Ones we need- bills and overdue library notices; Ones that are nice... on occasion - Groupon and your Mom's 3x a day "you should read this article" links; Ones you never want to open - spam, Facebook notifications and the accusatory "Why did you cancel our product?!" e-mails... and I'm sure the list goes on.  And on.  And on...

Archiving and deleting e-mails is one thing.  Sure, you can create labels and sift through thousands of e-mails from a time long ago, but there is an easier way. 

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